I am so excited to help you develop a wellness lifestyle! I am a great teacher, having spent a career teaching high school English and math. I now devote my time to teaching people how to get the most out of their essential oils. A great thing about letting me get you started on your oil journey is that you also get me as a coach.

I will do wellness consultations with you and show you how to develop a plan to take care of the health of all your loved ones, including your pets!

I will encourage you along the way so you'll never feel alone. I'll even pair you up with one of my best leaders so if there is ever a time that you can't reach me, you'll have someone else to contact.  

about Barb Wagner

When you decide that you want to tell your family and friends about how essential oils have benefited you, I will come and teach a class for you in person or virtually. You will find that the products are too good to keep to yourself!

I travel around the country sharing oils with others and have been overwhelmed and moved by the responses people have had from using them. There are so many "Oh, my word!" moments that I am richly blessed by helping people discover the path to natural wellness.

This is going to be a wonderful journey, and I am honored that you have chosen me to teach you!